Presented to Life Guard International-Flying ICU by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval for our assistance with a multi-vehicle car crash in Northern Nevada.

Thank you for helping a scary situation…

Dear Tim Triplett and FlyinICU,
Thank you with all our hearts for the compassionate and skillful care that you provided to our toddler Christopher a couple of weeks ago wehn he fell at Mammoth Creek Park. After you got him safely to Renown Regional Medical Center, Chris was soon prepped for surgery. Luckily, the neurosurgeon decided that surgery was not necessary after all. (Everyone apologized for his “expensive hair cut”, which was the least of our concerns!) He was extubated and observed over a couple of days.

He did just great! After sedation wore off, he proclaimed he was ready to “Go home! Go away!” Bach home, we had to fix the haircut – as you can see from the enclosed photo, he is now the stylish, head-turning kid with the mohawk. Aside from the hair, you would never know that any of this happened.

Thank you for helping a scary situation resolve with the best possible outcome. We are eternally grateful to you and your flight crew!

All the Best,
Alec & Patricia Richmond
Sent: June, 2012 

So pleased on how well things went!

Dear FlyinICU,
On May 4,2012 you took one of our participants to UCLA for a liver transplant. I have spoken with the patient’s wife and on several occasions the wife has said how pleased she was with your service. The patient’s wife said the air flight was so much better than the ambulance ride. Today the patient’s wife stated that UCLA was impressed on how quickly the patient got to UCLA.

I am so pleased on how well things went in what was my first time using your service. It really took a lot of stress off the patient and patient’s wife. Thank you so much.

Thank you,
Claudia Swift, RN
Case Manager
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 

I am so grateful to all of you for getting him back home.

Dear Flying ICU,

In January of this year you transported my son Joseph Reeb from a hospital in Las Vegas back home to Cook Childrens hospital in Fort Worth.  My mom rode with him because I had a free airline ticket home already.  He was suffering from encephilitis and was in a coma.  The doctors in Vegas told us he would never recover.  You had given my mom a pen and asked her to email you to give you an update on his condition.  Well I apologize it has taken so long but I just recently found your pen.  I am very very very happy to say that my son started to recover the day after we had gotten back to Texas and is now basically a normal 11 year old boy.  You would never know that he had suffered severe brain trauma and spent 2 weeks in a coma.  I am so grateful to all of you for getting him back home, I believe this is what helped him heal.  I am attaching a few pictures of him now, (though I’m not sure that you will recognize him because he looks totally different).  You and all of the doctors and nurses and God answered my prayers and brought my baby boy back to me.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!!

Misty Brashar and Joseph Reeb

Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 

You are truly life savers and I wish you much success forever!

Dear Flying ICU,

I have used your service before and I cannot thank you enough!
….About 2 years ago, I was 30 years of age and I was suffering from an extremely bad case of CHF with an EF around 10 % and my heart was also enlarged while I was hospitalized at UMC in Las Vegas. You were the wonderful people who flew me to UCLA Medical Center since that’s where they do the heart transplants. I was approved and I am on the (transplant) list. However, in the last 2 years, my EF has risen to around 40 % through diet and medications.

I just want to thank you so much that words couldn’t justify it. You are truly life savers and I wish you much success forever! Thank you.

Feel free to post this anywhere you like (…). Thank you, once again. God bless!

Ryan Parker
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Flying ICU,

I would love for you all to be able to give comfort to other parents that would be checking out your company’s website. Thank you for taking such good care of us. Maybe we can work it out so that you guys could bring us back!

Heather and baby Lucca
25 Feb 2009

Service above and beyond the expected!

I want to thank Life Guard International, Inc. for their excellent service and care. In particular, I’d like to thank Donna for service above and beyond the expected, her obvious empathy regarding our special situation and her own personal sacrifice to help us achieve my father’s transport given his special needs. It is rare to see such dedication and altruism. I HIGHLY recommend Life Guard International for emergency medical transport for anyone’s loved one. Life Guard International has my permission to use this personal reference to my experience their outstanding and compassion services in any way that they would like.

Thank you once again!

Victoria Regnier

A high caliber of professional that many aspire to become…

It was my privilege to have met Ms. Donna Miller during a life’s crisis. While trying to arrange a coast to coast ambulance trip for my seriously ill Mother, I was referred to Life Guard. In a business where I could not get a straight answer, Ms. Donna Miller answered the phone and responded to critical questions in a consistent straight forward manner. Each time we called her she was knowledgeable, prompt and direct. She made what was a terrible situation in our lives easier.

After arranging the trip I again was privileged to see Ms. Miller in action as a RN/EMSRN. She arrived in the Intensive Care Unit, promptly took charge, transitioned services, waited a stabilization period and safely removed my Mother to the ambulance. She monitored my Mom throughout the entire trip and affected a smooth transition at the destination ICU. She was sharp, capable and vigilant.

Without question Ms. Miller is a “head and shoulders” performer and that high caliber of professional that many aspire to become, but only the finest few succeed.

It was my privilege to have come to know her.

Yours truly,
T.M., Rochester NY

Respect and dignity while exhibiting professionalism.

My mother became critically ill while I was on vacation with her in Las Vegas in August 2008. As transporting my Mother home via a commercial airline was not an option, I contacted Donna at Life Guard International. Through the course of my Mother’s illness, this was the best move I made. This company (especially Donna), was competent, professional, compassionate and empathetic. Within 24 hours of my contacting Donna, my Mother and I were being safely transported via the air ambulance to New York. The nurses on the air ambulance were outstanding. Donna took care of everything and kept me informed throughout the entire process!!

Having dealt with the Medical profession (doctors, hospitals) for 2 years during my Mother’s illness, I only wish the doctors and hospitals were as responsive and compassionate as Life Guard’s international was in treating patients and families of patients with respect and dignity while exhibiting professionalism.

Please feel free to use this on the testimonial page of your website and many thanks again for the fantastic service you provide.

Terry Murphy-Donovan