Terms & Conditions


Life Guard International, Inc. (LGII) offers membership that provides prepaid protection against LGII air ambulance costs that are not covered by a member’s insurance or medical benefits, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.Transport by the LGII Air Ambulance aircraft will be to the closest appropriate medical facility for medical conditions that have been deemed by an attending medical professional to be life- or limb-threatening, or that could lead to permanent disability, requiring emergency air ambulance transport. A patient’s medical condition, not membership status, will determine whether or not air transportation is appropriate and/or required. Life Guard International, Inc. retains the sole right and responsibility for determining whether or not a patient is transported.

2. Our air transport services may not be available when requested due to factors beyond our control, such as use of the appropriate aircraft by another patient or other circumstances governed by operational requirements or restrictions including, but not limited to, equipment manufacturer limitations, governmental regulations, maintenance requirements, patient size or weather conditions. FAA restrictions prohibit us from flying in inclement weather conditions. The primary determinant of whether to accept a flight is always the safety of the patient and medical flight crews.

3. Membership is valid ONLY in conjunction with valid health insurance. Members who have insurance and/or other benefits that cover the cost of ambulance services are financially responsibility for the cost of services up to the limit of any available insurance or benefit coverage. In return for payment of the membership fee, Life Guard Int’l will consider all air ambulance costs not covered by any insurance or benefits available to the member to have been fully waived. The Life Guard Int’l Membership Program benefits are not applicable to the patient’s health insurance deductible. Life Guard Int’l reserves the right to bill directly the appropriate insurance or benefits provider for services rendered, and members authorize their insurer or benefits provider to pay any covered amounts to Life Guard Int’l directly. Members agree to remit to LGII any payment received from insurance or benefit providers for air medical services provided by LGII air transport, not to exceed regular charges. LGII IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY. Our membership is not an insurance policy and cannot be considered as a secondary insurance coverage or a supplement to any insurance coverage. LGII will not be responsible for payment for services provided by another ambulance service.

4. Membership starts 72 hours after we receive a completed application with full payment and copies of valid health insurance and driver’s license or identification; however, the waiting period will be waived for unforeseen events occurring during such time. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

5. State laws prohibit Medicaid beneficiaries from being offered membership or being accepted into membership programs. By applying, members certify to us that they are not Medicaid beneficiaries.

6. These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions between a member and Life Guard Int’l includ-ing any other writings, or oral representations, relating to the terms and conditions of membership. I have read and understand the LGII Membership Terms and Conditions. The information provided on my application is complete and accurate. I authorize my insurer or benefits provider to pay any covered amounts to Life Guard International directly.

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