Flying ICU was established in 2002 as Life Guard International (LGII) • Fixed Wing • Critical Care • Air Ambulance by two EMS/RN’s (Emergency Medical Services certified Registered Nurses) with a collective aero medical industry experience of 25 years.

Flying ICU’s Commitment: Since its conception, Flying ICU  has committed itself to make a difference in the air ambulance industry at the regional, national, and international level. That is why Flying ICU has attained the reputation as one of the leading regional, national, and international, aero-medical transport specialists.

Our Mission:

  • Provide the safest air transport
  • Provide the highest quality medical care
  • Centered on the patients needs
  • Be cost effective




Our Standard Air Medical Crew Configuration

Our standard air medical crew configuration consists of a Flight Nurse and a Flight Paramedic. Flying ICU’s nurses are EMS/RNs (Emergency Medical Service certified Registered Nurse) with Critical Care, Cardio Thoracic, Trauma, Pediatric, and Emergency Medicine backgrounds. Respiratory Therapists, NICU/PICU Specialty Teams, IABP/VAD’s Perfusionist Teams, Board Certified Physicians are also available upon request.

Our Aircraft

Our aircraft are equipped With State Of The Art Advanced Life Support Medical Equipment And Supplies. Standard gear includes, but is not limited to: • FAA Approved Stretcher with Spectrum Patient Loading System • ACLS / Emergency Cardiac medications • Pain Relieving medications • Cardiac Monitor • Pulse Oximeter • Invasive and Non- Invasive Blood Pressure capability • Pacemaker • Defibrillator • IV Mini-med Infusion Pumps • Ventilator • Medical Oxygen and Oxygen Supplies; intubations kits; oropharyngeal airway; hand operated bag-valve mask resuscitators • Fixed and Portable Suction Units • AC Power inverter. Additional specialty/patient specific equipment will be provided as needed. Medical equipment and supplies are checked prior to and following each transport to assure proper maintenance and inventory. Life Guard International owned aircraft are professionally managed and operated by LifeTeam and Kalitta Charters, LLC.

Insurance Coverage

FlyingICU is a contracted provider for multiple U.S. HMO’s and commercial medical insurers; as well as for Medicare; and multiple States Medicaid programs. FlyingICU accepts post flight reimbursement from various insurance companies, pending insurance verifications and benefits, based on its contractual agreements and/or pre-authorized air ambulance transfers.

Private / Cash Customers

We Also Serve Private Paying Customers: The most cost effective pricing will be applied, based on your individual needs, while still maintaining the same absolute high quality of care. All forms of payment are accepted.
Hospital Case Managers, International Medical Evacuation Companies, and Insurance Companies rely on our expertise to effectively and safely transfer and /or repatriate our international patients. Our expertise will alleviate concerns that your patient or loved one will arrive at their destination safely and timely. We’ve earned their trust. We’ll earn yours, too!

Employment at Flying ICU

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we are always looking for first-class talent. So if you are the best-of-the-best, we want to hear from you. Email us your vitals to: